Summertime Sunglasses

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The Number Six Guide, To The Number One Summer Accessory. It wouldn't be Summer without a cracking pair of sunglasses perched on your nose. They are a necessity for getting the most enjoyment out of the sun, whilst looking damn cool. Squinting away whilst you sip on your favourite bevy has never been a good look! As rare as it may be here in London, we like to be prepared for when the weather heats up. It's time for lightweight layers, chinos, sandals, caps & of course, sunglasses. Finding the perfect pair of sunnies might seem like searching for the holy grail,...

80 Years Of Baracuta.

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A Brief History Of Baracuta Time. Since 1937, Baracuta has been the jacket supplier for countless icons, actors, cultures and musicians to express their unique styles. Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, Arnold Palmer and later Jamie T, Damon Albarn & even James Bond have all adorned the iconic 'Harrington'. That's an ambassador list we can certainly get behind! Hailing from Manchester, the Original Baracuta Jacket started life as a golf garment. The tailored fit providing smart styling, and the 'umbrella' back vent supplying increased manoeuvrability. Practicality and looking great working in perfect harmony. As with any truly special garment,...

Collection Feature: Le Fix SS17

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The Copenhagen Brands First Season With Number Six. Collection Feature: Le Fix SS17. With an impressive home audience & designs that are hard not to love, Le Fix are on the fast track to streetwear domination. Started in 1999, and now expanding across clothing, tattoo, art and woodwork. Le Fix clearly have an eye for the finer things, and this is readily apparent in their SS17 collection. With a respectable list of past collabs with the likes of Universal Works, Rains & Clarks Originals stacking up, these guys are putting in the work and it's paying off. This being the debut season...